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We provide insight into business impact of both the customer and employee digital experience by capturing data across employee devices, every type of business application, cloud-native services and end user sentiment. 


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Remote Workforce Support Program


We are offering enterprises a Remote Workforce Support Program to help them assure business continuity and deliver reliable services to an increased number of remote workers.

Achieve Productivity Gains:

One Unified Platform for Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

Proactively monitor, analyze & troubleshoot the performance of all your digital services.


Remote Workforce Productivity

Know when your key digital collaboration and SaaS apps are down or slow.

  • How have employees adjusted to remote work?
  • How long will it take for productivity to return to normal?
  • How are different regions equipped for remote work?
  • How is employee digital experience affected?

Remote Workforce Experience Level Agreements (XLAs)

Go beyond uptime and availability to measure what users ACTUALLY see, for EVERY app in your enterprise portfolio.


  • Measure whats matters to business.
  • Manage the variation of IT factors that affect IT performance.
  • Document compliance to business targets.


Enterprise DEM Monitoring

Directly monitor your remote employee experience and application performance.


  • Monitor user experience, network and application performance directly on your employee’s device.
  • Test and continually monitor the availability of key employee applications from a location of your choice.

Achieve your Remote Workforce KPI goals

Keeping up with constant change in new apps, devices, BYOD, Shadow IT and SaaS. Fit for purpose: Providing the productivity apps, collaboration tools, and device specifications to meet business needs.


  • To what extent is our workforce complying with work from home directives?
  • What is the user experience when accessing business critical apps from home?
  • Which employees are connecting via VPN and is application or device performance impacted when they do?


How will your end users anonymously rate the performance of key business apps?

One of the flaws in the measurement of the network by polling devices like routers, switches, VPN devices and the like, is that if you rely on those devices to provide the “raw data” of utilization, the measurements are typically taken once over a 5, 10 or 15 minute period that leaves you with an average utilization that will mask peaks in bandwidth used by applications which in turn introduces poor performance and limits a worker’s productivity.   

My entire IT team had Remote Workforce Visibility by the end of the first day!

We’re now able to understand the user experience from the end point device into the application network and it’s making us “rethink how we do IT”.
Charles Smith, Pequot Engineering

End User Experience

When it comes to monitoring how apps perform for your employees, other technologies only extrapolate, emulate, or estimate what users see. With Aternity End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM), you see exactly what your end users see on their screen, no matter what type of app or device they’re using.

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