Cyber Security Breach & Attack Simulation Service

Validate your tools, fix vulnerabilities, and be confident your network is protected.


Advanced CyberSecurity Services

Managed Bills and Costs

Multiple SaaS based service options for you to choose.

Custom Client Portal

We provide a single sign-on Portal with with RBAC. capability.

Team to handle Requests

Dedicated Team of G-Net engineers and a Teams channel to communicate.

Safe and Secure Payments

Multiple on-line payments options to expedite services.


Safe & Cost Effective

Safe and cost-effective way to measure and validate the effectiveness of your production security tools.

Recommendation Engine

Patented recommendation engine provides clear, actionable insights on how to remediate identifed gaps.


Enhance Security Posture

Enables you to perform automated breach and attack simulations on a regular basis.


Eliminate the assumptions that security controls are deployed and configured correctly.

Pro-active versus Reactive

Complement your IT team with pro-active validation of all phases of the Attack Life Cycle

Time Reduction

Reduce the amount of compliance audit time required with data-driven evidence.

Suite of Reports to include Executive Reporting

Generate on Demand or Scheduled Reports to different IT organization stake holders.

Key Features


Multi-tenancy access control and segmentation.



Flexible Architecture

Flexible breach and attack simulation.

Actionable Recommedations

Help you improve and optimize security controls



Ligthweight Container-based Agents

Enable Operations for on-premises or cloud.


Fully Managed Dark-Cloud

Simulating external adversaries, malicious nodes.


Built-in Integration

With top Network Security controls and SIEMs..

Diversified Library of Mitre Attack

Techniques and Threat Vectors.


Out-of-the-Box Attack Libraries

Enables you to simulate Full Attack Chain.



Scheduler Enables

Continuous security assessments.





Visual Ladder Diagrams

Complement pre-defined security assessments.


SIEM Proxy Agent

Facilitates communications with SIEM tools.


Agent Tagging

Supports user-provided metadata!





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