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Business Challenge: Migrating to Office 365

Moving to Microsoft Office 365 comes with risks including a loss of visibility and control over performance as well as a reliance on the public Internet. These risks can impact service availability, application performance, and the productivity of end users.To realize the many benefits of Office 365, enterprises need integrated solutions that provide complete performance awareness of Office 365 applications and make optimal use of network resources.

Business Challenge: Windows 10 Migration

Windows 10 promises to deliver a seamless user experience across devices, better mobile productivity, and improved security. But migrations are complex and your team needs to get it right. With Riverbed, you can measure not only the performance of every application, but the experience of every end user on every device. And that means you can optimize every step of the way and achieve the best possible outcome.

Business Challenge: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – (VDI)

Accelerate access to virtual desktops and applications such as VMware VDI no matter where users are located. Scale application delivery infrastructure for high availability of desktops and applications. Unlock visibility for faster troubleshooting and enhanced planning. Improve user experience while driving high user adoption and flexibility.

Business Challenge: Extending Security – Across Cloud, Mobile and IOT

Cloud, mobile, and IoT are fueling today’s digital strategies. But a business’s need to quickly adopt these advancements often competes with IT’s mandate of keeping corporate assets secure. And despite heightened awareness, high-profile breaches continue to occur at alarming rates due to larger attack vectors that hackers can exploit as enterprises onboard more devices, generate more data, and enable an increasingly mobile workforce.

Business Challenge: Company Security or Data Breach

A data breach is every organization’s waking nightmare. Instead of just worrying about it, take the time to correctly assess the cost of a data breach so you can determine how much it will cost for an appropriate level of defense against ongoing cyber threats.To properly prepare for and confront cyber crime, you need to properly assess the cost of failure and loss. The total cost of a data breach is the cost of existing security measures plus the cost of dealing with the breach itself.

Business Challenge: Migration to Skype for Business

Reduce migration risks and assure productivity for users with a successful implementation of Microsoft Skype for Business. Moving to Skype for Business is more than just migrating your phone system to another platform. With the loss of the classic desk phone, it may be a complete shift of mindset in how your users will communicate with one another.

Business Challenge: Boosting DevOps Productivity

While DevOps has emerged to revolutionize how apps are developed and delivered, several issues still exist across the application lifecycle. Development bottlenecks still occur, production issues pop up that cripple apps and digital services, and the business often lacks insights needed for better product planning.

Business Challenge: Accelerating Application Delivery

Enterprises can accelerate applications and manage the delivery of business-critical data and content from your SaaS provider overcoming application latency, bandwidth constraints, and competition among applications.

Business Challenge: De-risking Your Cloud Migration

Fully 96% of companies are using the cloud today and 81% have a multi-cloud strategy. Yet the transition to cloud can present multiple challenges for any organization. Cloud-native architectures, which are increasingly portable, containerized, and distributed, make application migrations complex and difficult to manage.

Business Challenge: Migrating Applications to Microsoft Azure

Whether you are migrating applications to Microsoft Azure, developing cloud-native apps, or integrating apps across hybrid clouds, leverage a solution to optimize app performance and simplify WAN management.

Plan for Application Migration. We can help you take the drama out of migrating apps to Azure Virtual Machines by helping you identify hidden risks and constraints that can lead to performance issues, unexpected delays, and unplanned costs.

Business Challenge: Migrating Applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moving apps to the cloud can be challenging. Whether you are migrating apps to AWS, developing cloud-native apps, or integrating apps across hybrid clouds, Riverbed solutions simplify cloud networking and optimize app performance while giving you end-to-end visibility.

Plan for Cloud Migration. G-Net can help you avoid performance problems, minimize risk, and eliminate business disruption when migrating apps to the cloud.


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