Our Cloud,Your Cloud, Any Cloud

We offer flexible hosting options to meet your evolving needs that allow you to:

Store your data where you need to, not where a vendor wants you to.
Utilize the G-Net cloud, your private cloud or a 3rd party cloud. Your choice.

G-Net Cloud

Never Over-Buy or Get Locked-In

The G-Net Cloud is fast, secure and infinitely scalable. Only get as much storage as you need and if you ever decide to start using another public cloud or deploy privately, we’ll help with that too. Avoid buying more than you need today or getting stuck in one environment.

Public Cloud

Take Advantage of Existing Contracts

Have an agreement with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure or another cloud services provider? No problem. G-Net can quickly deploy virtually in your existing environment, letting you take advantage of systems you already have in place.

Private Cloud

Put G-Net in Your Own Backyard

Leverage existing hardware, save costs and keep data in your backyard by deploying G-Net on your own iron. The flexibility of the G-Net OVF (virtual container) allows us to place the G-Net application in almost any environment. Ask us how we can deploy in yours!

Hybrid Cloud

Best of All Worlds

Combine your existing private infrastructure with the power of a public cloud, either G-Net’s or third-party such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft, to build a flexible, scalable and ultra-secure net of protection and disaster recovery.


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