Migrating to Office 365

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Moving to Microsoft Office 365 comes with risks including a loss of visibility and control over performance as well as a reliance on the public Internet. These risks can impact service availability, application performance, and the productivity of end users.

To realize the many benefits of Office 365, enterprises need integrated solutions that provide complete performance awareness of Office 365 applications and make optimal use of network resources.


Monitor & Improve End User Experience

The success of an Office 365 project is dependent on the end user experience. If application performance is slow at the client then productivity will suffer and users will resist migration. Riverbed can improve the end user experience by dramatically reducing the latency across a hybrid network with path selection and optimization.



Assure on-going service

SaaS providers guarantee uptime but application performance depends heavily on the network path. Riverbed can monitor performance from the perspective of end users and pinpoint problems with visibility all the way to the cloud. This enables IT to set, monitor, and enforce internal service objectives that reflect the experience of end users.



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