G-Net Enterprise Cloud Offering

Our Hybrid Cloud is especially designed to meet all versatile cloud deployment needs.

Get It Done With Us

From setup, implementation, migration, sizing, support, management, we provide all services under single roof.

Pro-Actively Test

All Moving Parts Affecting Service.


Troubleshoot Issues.

Contextually Analyze

Digital Experience

Intelligently Alert

On Performance Issues.

Set-Up in Less Than 5 Minutes

  • No Deployment of Any Extra Hardware or Software in your Network.
  • Just Configure Your Switches to Send us Aggregate Traffic Reports.
  • Achieved Using Industry Standard Protocols such as NetFlow, IPFIX or SFlow.
  • Simply Set-up Your Instance, send it your NetFlow data, and gain Visibility over your Network Traffic.

User Friendly Dashboards

  • Tailor made for a great User Interface and User Experience.
  • Self Explanatory Dashboard.
  • Graphs plotted taking readability into account.
  • No Need for Tutorials or Manuals.

Real-Time Data Retrieval & Quick Access

  • We compute big data instantaneously from your network for any volume of flow.
  • Store it into our distributed database system which is highly secure.
  • Access your network data in real time.
  • Computed results are displayed when asked for by authorized users within no time.
  • Quick On-Demand access to reports.


Cost Effective

  • Superior visibility-to-cost ratio as compared to competing solutions.
  • Incorporate the use of novel measurement techniques, combined with machine learning.
  • G-Net GVaaS offers the best solution, unlike having high visibility at enormous costs, or shallow visibility at low cost.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Our Hybrid Cloud is especially designed to meet all versatile cloud deployment needs.

Simple, Fast and Cost Effective, While Meeting Our Agile Needs.

– Albert S.

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