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There’s no Job too big or too small for us to take on. We offer a simplified and unified SASE and Secure SD-WAN architecture for SMB, mid-market, and large or multinational organizations.

Unified Observability

Apply Intelligence to Problem Detection

Leverage AI/ML to correlate and identify accurate insights that optimize business productivity.

Automate the Investigation Process

Use Automation to handle the scale and complexity of today’s IT environments.

Codify Expert Knowledge

Reduce risk and enable all IT teams to solve more problems without escalations.   

Empower Network Operations in WFH

Enable Network Teams to be effective in remote work environments.

Focus on What's Important

Solve problems faster to keep users productive.

Visibility as a Service

Digital Experience Management
Digital Experience Management provides insight into the business impact of customer and employee digital experience by capturing and storing technical telemetry at scale from employee devices, every type of business application, and your cloud-native application service. More Details
Application Performance Management
Application performance management solution with integrated end-user experience monitoring, granular transaction capture, and HDAnalytics. More Details
Network Performance Management
Riverbed’s unified network performance monitoring (NPM) solution gathers all packets, all flows, all device metrics – all the time. It does this across all environments, on-premises and cloud, to enable business-centric views across all your domains. More Details
Network Infrastructure Management
Performance benchmarking, monitoring and troubleshooting Riverbed IT Infrastructure Management solutions helps to capture infrastructure information, detect performanceissues, map application network paths, diagram your network, troubleshoot infrastructure problems, manage configurations, and plan network architectures. More Details
Network Flows
Flow data is available from common devices like routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers and it is easily collected enterprise wide, including the cloud, by a centralized flowanalysis and reporting solution. Thus, network flow provides an excellent perspective for end-to-end performance monitoring and incident detection and response. More Details
Packet Flows
SteelCentral AppResponse lets you select the analysis capabilities you need: Network forensics – Included with your appliance, you get advanced packet analysis with 1-second granular displays, microsecond resolution, and deep packet inspection (DPI) of more than 2000+ applications. More Details

Secure Access Service edge

Unified Cloud Management
Our SASE platform unifies a range of network and endpoint security solutions managed & delivered through the cloud. This single cloud management platform provides consolidated, user centric networks & granular policy management for organizations of all sizes. More Details
Firewall As A Service

Managed Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)

Service Overview

Managed Firewall-as-a-Service allows G-Net to take over control and management of a customer’s enterprise firewall, to use a cloud-delivered firewall service, and to connect all of the locations the customer has to that firewall and to manage policy centrally. G-Net’s FWaaS is required to enable this service.

FWaaS allows us to secure a customer’s perimeter using cloud-based enterprise-grade next generation security firewall functionality. G-Net’s FWaaS is delivered from G-Net’s robust cloud infrastructure and built on Fortinets’ Next-Generation Firewall technology. The service is automated and orchestrated through our centralized Cloud console allowing configuration, monitoring and management from a single easy-to-understand interface. FWaaS provides one point of policy development and management for multiple offices/locations, and routes traffic through those policy enforcement points as it leaves each office and is destined for other offices, cloud providers, or the public Internet.

Connectivity from the customer location to the G-Net Cloud requires an Fortinet edge device or G-Net approved third party device to create encrypted IPSEC tunnels into the G-Net enterprise-grade security firewall security stack. No separate purchase of any security equipment or licenses is required.

FWaaS functions include

  • Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection (IPS/IDS)
  • Network Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
  • Network URL Inspection and Filtering
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DNS Sinkholing
  • Network Encrypted Packet Inspection (SSL Decryption)
  • Zero-Day Packet Inspection and Threat Prevention
  • G-Net Cloud Edge Connect
  • NG Firewall Policy and Configuration Management
  • G-Net Cloud console
  • Network IP Inspection and Filtering
  • Network File Auditing and Blocking
  • Network utilization reporting
  • Security event reporting
  • Secure Cloud Access
  • Directory Integration
  • Security Log Forwarding
  • Internet exposure minimization through direct peering with all major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) & more than 180 content and internet service providers
  • Carrier-grade upstream transit capacity in-excess of 150Gbps

. More Details

FWaaS Reference Architecture
  • FWaaS Reference ArchitectureThe FWaaS reference architecture is described in figure 1.0. It depicts a typical customer scenario consisting of headquarters, regional offices, data centers, small office, and mobile users connecting to G-Net cloud regions. Various types of connectivity from customer locations are included such as G-Net Edge Connect appliances and data center connections/cross connects are included. From the G-Net cloud direct connections are made to our ever- increasing number of direct peering partners such as AWS, Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure, as well as direct connectivity to the public Internet.



                                                      Figure 1 Managed Firewall as a Service


EndPoint Security
We offer complete endpoint security for your organization. With SASE we can deliver multiple endpoint protection capabilities, including next-generation malware protection and support for visibility into encrypted traffic. More Details
EndPoint Compliance
Endpoint Compliance is simple as our client scans for security features like Firewall, Anti-Virus, Windows patches, processes and more. This results in a more secure network and eliminates security threats in one’s network. More Details
Zero Trust NaaS
Multi-regional SASE network provides a comprehensive set of converged secure network capabilities, delivered and managed over our multi-tenant cloud, providing a secure and highly-scalable network for organizations everywhere. More Details
Cloud Sand-boxing
Our SASE platform includes Cloud Sandboxing where we analyze unknown files for zero-days and advanced threats. Our platform delivers full sandbox protection on and off your network. More Details
SaaS Security
Our SASE security platform ensures that your organization has SaaS security including Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox and others. More Details

Enterprise Browser Security

Menlo Security

Traditional security approaches are flawed, costly, and overwhelming for security teams. Menlo Security is different. It’s the simplest, most definitive way to secure work—making online threats irrelevant to your users and your business.. More Details

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Traditional security approaches are flawed, costly, and overwhelming for security teams. Menlo Security is different. It’s the simplest, most definitive way to secure work—making online threats irrelevant to your users and your business.


. More Details

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Purpose-built for the cloud, our isolation-powered Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is different. Why? It protects against the evasive web threats that easily bypass all other SWGs.




Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Providing the remote workforce with direct and secure access to SaaS platforms, without interruption. More Details

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Providing seamless protection to the most valuable information your business manages.. More Details

Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS)

Problem: Security is Hard, Misconfigurations are Common, and Breaches are Rampant

Validate your tools, fix vulnerabilities, and prove your network is protected. Part of Keysight’s security operations suite. More Details


• Measure the efficacy of security​ posture.

• Identify vulnerable security gaps and misconfigurations.


• Prioritize fixes with product-specific remediations.

• Maintain optimal security posture​ with proactive action.

. More Details


• Assess vulnerabilities on a continuous basis.

• Identify environmental drift before an attack.

. More Details

Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)

Assessing Dynamic Business Environments with Remote Cyber Threat Assessments
Secure network architectures need to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest advanced persistent threats. There are two ways to find out if your solution isn’t keeping up—wait for a breach to happen or run validation tests. More Details
The CTAP for Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) helps partners better understand customer network usage by monitoring key indicators. Using a FortiGate-VM virtual appliance, partners can remotely deploy a virtual FortiGate inside their prospect’s network to monitor traffic and generate a report with findings. The report provides valuable insight into a prospect’s security posture, focusing on threat prevention, user productivity, and network productivity. Once finalized, partners can use this report to guide discussions around security investments with key decision-makers. More Details
CTAP for Email
CTAP for Email focuses on identifying gaps in a prospect’s current secure email gateway or hosted email platform. Performed remotely, a CTAP for Email redirects a copy of the prospect’s cloud-based emails to a hosted FortiMail Cloud instance for analysis. Once the analysis is complete, an email risk assessment report is generated, highlighting security threats found within attachments and URLs, as well as impersonation analysis, newsletter/spam information, and email utilization metrics. More Details
Deploying a CTAP for SD-WAN gives partners increased visibility into a prospect’s router usage, helping them identify network bottlenecks. Similar to the CTAP for NGFW assessment, partners remotely deploy a FortiGate-VM virtual appliance within a prospect’s network to monitor traffic. The resulting report provides insight into business application usage, potential WAN cost reductions, and security readiness. This is especially beneficial for sales discussions with networking decision-makers as it demonstrates value, such as improving user experience via direct internet applications and other potential performance optimizations. More Details

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