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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is G-Net?

G-Net started over 20 years ago as a small network of highly skilled IT experts came together to look for better ways of blending technologies to create more efficient workplaces.

Technology moves fast, and the only way to keep up is to work in agile networks. We have built relationships with some of the biggest and most progressive technology partners, working with them closely to understand how and where new technologies can be harnessed to continually optimize the IT environment for our clients.

Who are G-Net's Technology partners?

We have strategic partnerships with Riverbed, Fortinet, Gigamon, FireEye, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

What kind of Cloud & Security Technology & Services does G-Net focus on?

G-Net is a technology company providing of enterprise-class cloud and security solutions for the SMB, Mid and Large Enterprise market. Whether you need a cloud based solution for large-scale Hybrid Architecture or just need a single Visibility instance to test your core business applications, G-Net has a solution for all of your Digital Transformation needs.

How are G-Net SaaS Services sold?

The G-Net private cloud based SaaS services are sold as a 100% SaaS subscription. This eliminates the need to purchase or manage cloud networking and security appliances.

How are users connected to the G-Net Cloud?

There are over 15 options to connect users to the G-Net cloud for protection. Typical options include Proxy, IPSec Tunnels, GRE Tunnels, and iboss cloud lightweight agents. The SASE based cloud agents are light weight and provide many benefits which include:

  1. Connecting users to G-Net cloud regardless of location, including in and out of the office.
  2. Providing single sign-on to map username and groups to policies and logs.
  3. Installing MITM SSL decryption certificates automatically.
How does the G-Net SASE cloud offering follow users to ensure protection regardless of location?

The G-Net SASE based cloud detects where a user is located based on a variety of criteria, including the user’s source IP Address. Using this information, the iboss cloud connects the user to the closest cloud data center to apply advanced security to their Internet access.

As the user moves from place to place, the G-Net SASE cloud continuously routes user Internet traffic to the closest cloud data center. This eliminates the need to back haul data to on-prem appliances, increasing Internet connection speeds and reducing costs for the organization.

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